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Transhumanism & Technology

Why Is Deathism So Popular?: A deconstruction of the common mentality that seeks to justify death.

Jinxed by Amy McCulloch: A book review that explores our future relationship with AI pets.

A Critique of Transhumanism by a Transhumanist: A list of my own criticisms of the transhumanist movement.

Occult & Metaphysics

A Spiritual Argument for Transhumanism: Blurring the line between technology and spirituality.

The Future of Astrology: A transhumanist forecast of astrology's future and how differently it could be interpreted with emerging technologies.

An Ethical Critique of Karma and Reincarnation: Questioning beliefs in karma and reincarnation from a perspective with suffering-focused ethics.

Reconnecting with My Otherworldly Roots: Why I identify as otherkin and my experience with soulbonding.


The Witch, a Vampire and Werewolf in One: A look at how the witch through history and pop culture embodies the best of both supernatural worlds.

The Pros and Cons of Book Piracy: Weighing the good and bad that comes with pirating books and how it affects authors and publishers, big and small.


Scholar of Magic: A shapeshifting eldritch being who writes about their magical experiments and journeys throughout the multiverse.