The Future of Astrology

A transhumanist forecast of astrology's future and how differently it could be interpreted with emerging technologies.

With gene-editing technologies such as CRISPR on the rise, how much will the ways that we interpret astrology change in the future? Since transhumanism is about the freedom to change ourselves and transcend our limitations through modifications and augmentations, which would give us more control over our minds and bodies, astrology is bound to be interpreted very differently.

Mental and Morphological Freedom

Today, we have a certain degree of mental and morphological freedom in the form of medication and surgery, but these things will continue to improve and become more accessible. If natal astrology can forecast the appearance and cognition of an individual, how much use would it have in a future with bio-edited humans who no longer play by the rules?

Let's start with the ascendant, which suggests the physical appearance and mannerisms, especially if the first house is occupied with or aspected by a planet or more. Someone with a Cancer ascendant might be short and round and wish to change that. Another person with a Leo ascendant and Jupiter in the first house might wish they had thinner hair and were smaller. How would you interpret their natal charts if they had the technology that granted their wishes?

Well, they might look nothing like how their natal charts would describe them, but you could possibly find the aspects that point to their dissatisfaction with their natural-born appearances. Venus, planet of pleasure and harmony, could be squared or opposed to other planets in the first house, or the ascendant itself. Squares and oppositions denote conflict, so it wouldn't be surprising to find Venus taking some damage.

Some astrologers believe harsh Venus aspects are generally lessons of self-love or self-acceptance. You obviously aren't accepting yourself if you change something you don't like, but I'm a transhumanist, not a fatalist, nor an everything-happens-for-a-reason-ist. I don't believe we have to accept or learn to love what we cannot. Transgender folks certainly don't. They're a shining example of bodily autonomy.

With advances in gene therapy, there will eventually be "cures" available for disabilities that a number of people will want to remove from themselves or at least modify. No matter what you're born with or what your birth chart tells you, the core belief of transhumanism is freedom over the self: you're entitled to change anything you want about your body or mind for any reason, and the science to help with that will only keep improving.

Designer Babies and Artificial Intelligence

Eyebrows will raise at the idea of designing a baby with specific traits, but it's given to become a reality. There are major ethical concerns that surround designer babies, namely eugenics and how the rich could design superhumans that put non-designed people at a disadvantage, provided they don't have access to technologies that could give them the same advantages.

Even so, non-designed humans shouldn't be pressured into using those technologies to raise them to superhuman levels. Some transhumanists forget that transhumanism is about making technological achievements available to everyone, but also respecting the choice to not use them.

Moral considerations aside, how would astrology work with designed humans?

Let's say parents could create children like we can create Sims. If you're a true-blue believer in astrology, you should know these parents haven't separated themselves from what is "natural" by designing a child. We already select our partners based on things that rarely include soulmate-level astrological compatibility. There's no reason for "manmade" intervention to be the end of a system that we've been adapting for over two thousand years.

If you looked at these parents' birth charts, chances are you'd find the placements that communicate their preferences for their children. The fifth house is often viewed as an indication of the first child. If a parent's Venus is in Leo here, they might want to secure that likelihood and design a child with a predisposition to the arts. Alternatively, if the fifth house has planets that don't sound as desirable to the parent, they might want to skip to incorporating the traits of the second child as indicated by the seventh house.

You could also examine the designed child's fourth house of home and family. If Mars is present here, for example, the parent might be an assertive, go-getter type who wanted likewise children. This placement is sometimes indicative of parental arguments and violence, especially if it has hard aspects, but in this case, any squares or oppositions are more likely to suggest the individual is fiercely protective of their family and proudly upholds their values and traditions.

As for artificial intelligence, it's interesting to think about how astrology could affect sentient robots. Contrary to popular sci-fi belief, true, human-like intelligence is highly unlikely to be achieved without emotion. No matter how rational we try to be, emotions do guide our decisions, serving as the primary motivator. Emotion isn't all caveman feelings and instincts, it's what quite literally gives us life.

Because of how important emotions are to sentient thought, I imagine astrology would work for self-aware robots as it does for humans. I believe such intelligences will be capable of tapping into the collective unconscious and sharing things once exclusive to humanity. At one point in history, it was not people that were interpreted astrologically, but places and events.

Leaving Earth and Living Elsewhere in the Universe

Will astrology still apply to those who have left the solar system? Possibly, as humans might still carry some astrological remnants of this solar system that remain part of our collective unconscious. Yet, by that point in time, we could be so vastly different and knowledgeable about the universe, and so far away from Earth, that the zodiac we know today could be just a whisper from a distant past.

In a space-faring future, humans would settle in different solar systems that could create new astrologies and even distinct unconscious collectives. I'm sure you're aware that Western astrology isn't the only of its kind. You probably know of the Chinese zodiac, or Vedic astrology, or perhaps the lesser-known Mayan and Egyptian astrologies. On a single planet, too, there would be more than one astrological system.

But not every world will be exactly like Earth with its one sun and one moon. Future humans could settle on planets with two suns and two moons, or planets with rings, or habitable moons of gas giants. Imagine how prominent Jupiter and its moons would be in our natal charts if it had a moon or two on which we could live.

Now, imagine if we could upload our consciousness into virtual reality, where the influences of astrology could be changed or thwarted completely. Replacing our cells with nanobots to make mind-uploading work as desired isn't outside the realm of possibility, and it might even be generally preferable as it'd be more efficient and environment-friendly than space colonization. It's also bound to be more fun and adventurous as fantasy magic will have an easier time existing.

Of course, we ought to make healing and improving the human condition our first priority, followed very closely by closing the gap between the rich and the poor. These are things that technology can absolutely help with, if we can hold those in power accountable and start taking action and demand real change.

When people reclaim their power and systems of exploitation collapse under technology that serves the common folk, astrology will follow us into a new age of humanity as it has since it was discovered. Those with Mercury oppose Saturn in their charts will be able to think faster and more precisely, and Mars square Pluto will no longer warn of violent outbursts, but denote more passionate and productive demonstrations of energy.

If you think the point of hard aspects is to learn how to manage them and that mind-altering technology is the easy way out, just remember that you have a choice to not use it. Saturn, planet of hard and honest work, will smile down upon you. But even Saturn will loosen up in the transhumanist future. Rather than telling us "no," Saturn will let us find out for ourselves, and when he happens to be right, he'll say, "I told you so," or "Now that you have what you want, is it really what you wanted?"

Perhaps if Saturn's moons are ever terraformed, the people born on them will be a little more in tune with Saturnian wisdom and caution. Let's hope the people born on Mars won't make Earth look like less of a war planet, but things could be very different if we give attention to what needs to be healed here first.