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SENS Research FoundationNonprofit organization that works to research and develop regenerative therapies.
CalicoA Google-backed company that’s also tackling aging.
Loyal for DogsA company that’s tackling canine aging.
Common Misconceptions About TranshumanismEvery misconception you've probably heard about transhumanism, dispelled.
Objections & CounterargumentsCommon objections to life extension and good counterarguments.
Could Death Be a Bad Thing?Article by Nathan J. Robinson that makes a compelling argument for life extension.
BlueshiftedAnarcho-transhumanism, which is concerned with both social and physical freedom.
The Hedonistic ImperativeA comprehensive manifesto by philosopher David Pearce that focuses on using biotechnology to reduce suffering.
Magnus VindingAnother transhumanist who's particularly focused on negative utilitarianism.
Micah ReddingChristian transhumanist and founder of the Christian Transhumanist Association.
Lincoln CannonMormon transhumanist and founder of the Mormon Transhumanist Association.
Blaire OstlerA queer Mormon transhumanist.


Magical ExperimentsAn experimental practitioner and author of unique occult books, such as Pop Culture Magic 2.0 and The Magic of Art.
The Vulpine PortfolioA rebellious practitioner whose work will connect with those who dare to question and innovate.
Liminal WarmthA site that covers a variety of topics, including the occult, but what makes this one different is a more analytical, widely researched approach to magic(k).
The Traveling WitchFull of useful, real-deal information for practicing witches, new and experienced.
FolktextsFree-to-read folklore and mythology texts.
Internet Sacred Text ArchiveFree-to-read texts on religion, spirituality, folklore, mythology, and the esoteric.
The Alchemy WebsiteA large collection of alchemical texts, artwork, books, resources, and more.
Museum of Talking BoardsA very cool site dedicated to the history of spirit boards.

Old Web

NeocitiesAn unaffiliated resurrection of Geocities that allows you to create any kind of site you want, however you want. The catch? No, not advertisements. Just basic knowledge of HTML and CSS.
Neocities NeighborhoodsA directory of Neocities-hosted sites that lets you choose your neighborhood.
WibyA search engine that indexes personal web pages created by hobbyists, academics, and geeks instead of commercial sites with SEO and consumers in mind.
CurlieA large directory of websites grouped by category, which includes some nice relics.
GifCitiesPerhaps the largest archive of GIFs that were used on Geocities-hosted sites.
Sadgrl's Old Web ManifestoA rich collection of info and links to learn what made the Old Web so special.
Make the Web Great AgainA colorful, witty, and straightforward page about the Old Web and keeping what's left of it alive.


Cottage WitchMy other site dedicated to the cottage life.
Realm of Myth and FantasyA very creative and enchanting site dedicated to the fantastical.
Encyclopedia of Forlorn PlacesAn interesting site of post-industrial landscapes and ghost towns.


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