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My name is Beth. I'm a transhumanist and writer of transhumanist-positive fiction. What is transhumanism, you ask? Disregard the libertarian tech bros who go on about wanting cool robot arms (although that's valid). Transhumanism is simply a philosophical movement that advocates for developing and making widely available sophisticated technologies that can improve, modify, or enhance human physiology and the human condition. The goal of transhumanism is to give the people more power and control over their minds, bodies, and lives.

Years ago, I would've never called myself a transhumanist. I was always repelled by the cold, scientific world and drawn to the more wondrous, mystical realm. Unsurprisingly, I was easily led and impressionable. Heck, I was even a New Ager at one point.

If you told me then that I’d become a transhumanist and accept that death is not, in fact, the way to ultimate freedom and “ascension,” I would’ve reacted like a religious zealot and shunned you. I once believed (mainstream) science was the enemy of the spiritual. Anti-aging/life extension research? How misguided! Nobody should be investing in such an ignorant, spiritual crime!

Thankfully, I grew out of that mindset as I realized just how naive and stagnant it was. I didn’t stop believing in spirits or magic(k) or what have you. I have had some incredible experiences. But I realized science and spirituality don’t have to be at odds (no, I’m not talking about quantum woo or vibrational frequencies).

It’s as extraordinary as it is frustrating to lead a life walking the thin line between two seemingly different worlds. Skeptics share my distaste for gullibility and misinformation, but they lose me when they claim anything that hasn’t been scientifically verified is automatically disproven. Pagans, witches, magicians, and other occultists and spiritualists share my experience with the unknown, but they make me grind my teeth when they act as if their beliefs are unquestionable and promote deathism. Both sides can be just as arrogant as each other. I prefer to be somewhat humble in my intelligence and philosophy.

I never imagined I’d feel some relief upon discovering religious transhumanism despite being unaffiliated. Yes, there is Christian transhumanism and Mormon transhumanism, and I recommend looking into them because they’re so fascinating. I dare say a few of Micah Redding’s Biblical interpretations resonate with my own hunches.